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Be one of the best places in textile industry to work with in terms of fast responding, high quality products and flexible manufacturing systems to make a difference.

Doku Teks was established in 1987 and has been serving for the domestic and the international market since then.

As the Doku Teks team, we give our best to develop high quality products and keep a creative culture within our company. We believe in continual development; we strive for original collections and we maintain a high quality service standard for customers.

What we do?
We design jacquards and manage bulk order productions. Our in-house design team keeps a close eye on current trends to create unique jacquards, and order management is handled with ultimate care.

Apart from that we provide two main collections of top producers from Turkey throughout the year. These collections mainly consist of fabrics which are jacquards with polyester, cotton and viscose compositions used for designing dresses, jackets, skirts and combinations of each. And also boucles, polyester satins and poly-viscose blends are part of our collections.

For whom we do it?
The companies we serve mainly are the ones which design or produce ready-to-wear garments for women, fashion designers, the traders and the wholesalers of fabrics.

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